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« : 19 de Diciembre de 2013, 03:49:19 pm »

I think it has become ridiculous how the schools have taken the uniform policy to the extreme. I remember when I was in school we had a dress code to follow not a uniform, but the uniform issue has become greatly out of hand. My children attend Calcasieu Parish schools. I was told by my Middle Schooler that she could not wear the jacket that I bought her for her birthday to school because it was denim and not a school jacket or sweatshirt that was more expensive. I was told she could not wear certain logos on clothing, but yet there are not too many clothing items that you buy that do not have these labels. My child has actually recieved detention ed hardy italia store for this. She was a straight A student until this incident that brought her grade average down. What is next??? Will we end up having to spend more money on school clothes by buying the whole uniform from the school? These are PUBLIC schools, not private.
Thank You for addressing this issue.
My child was singled out this year because his shirt wasn tucked in far enough to please one teacher on the first day of school. He had gone through the entire day with his shirt tucked in in the same manner until one particular teacher forced him outside of her classroom twice because she said she couldn see his belt buckle. The other problem is with outerwear. It is very difficult to find a winter jacket that is acceptable to the school regulations because most of them have logos or are not the correct colors. Then you have to find clothes without hoods, hopefully your kids will make it to school without getting sick. More emphasis needs to be on teaching instead of what the children are wearing. Sometimes, I believe that this is just used as a tactic to single out or intimidate children. Good luck with talking to the principals, because they are never available to discuss problems your children may be facing with a teacher who goes as far as to tell them that she failed 60% of her students last year, possibly because they are too busy preparing for other jobs!
Society attitude towards morality requires schools to enforce a uniform dress code. Without this code, girls would show up half naked (like they do in the mall), and boys would show up with their pants falling off, underwear showing (like they do in the mall.) While walking in the mall this past Labor Day, my almost 7 year old daughter was astonished at how the young girls are dressing. I pray she continues to feel this way. It bad enough what the kids are learning from other kids at school. The least we can do is make them dress appropriately, if only for 7 or 8 hours a day. Uniforms cost no more than what regular clothes cost. And if you wash often enough, you can buy less.
My children attend Beauregard Parish schools. I find these strict rules on school uniforms are becoming unbearable. It is very hard to find uniforms that the schools approve of. It is also difficult to find the correct sizes to fit your children and it is very costly. It is so frustrating when these children are being wrote up, sent to the office, and even sent to in school suspension over one little flaw in their uniform. This is taking time away from their education. ed hardy scarpe uomo Our children are sent to school to learn, not to be put under so much stress over their clothing. Though I do not like the school uniforms , I think we could all deal with it a little better if our children did not have all these strict uniform dress codes.
I am a parent of a children who attend school in Beauregard Parish. There are issues that are being taken to extremes. Uniforms are just one being at the top of this list. I beleive we need documentation of the dates and times these children are pulled out of class. I have instructed my children to respect the school rules as they stand. I have also instructed them to keep a personal log of dates and times that pertain to uniform violations. As a graduate I am dissapointed that this issue takes focus away from my childrens education and simply takes more control over our American lives. We need to stand together as parents and say no more uniforms.
My child goes to school in calcasieu parish and was told that the navy blue pants that she wears is not dark enough. She wore these pants for the last couple weeks without one word then one teacher decides they are not navy blue enough. I think these rules are getting out of hand and we need to be focused on more important things like education. We live in Louisiana where its warm most of the year. I was one of the parents that was in favor of uniforms but now its getting out of control.
I a mother of 6, 4 of my own and two step. two graduated from EBHS. When uniforms were first brought about at EBHS the parents voted them down but they were forced on us. this is america is it? my daughter was sent to the office the secound day of school for a butterfly on her shrit. then she was sent last week for the back of her shrit untucked and gave saturday detintion. I not sending her to sat. detention and she is not being punished for this.
I am also and East Beauregard parent. Plain and simply the uniforms just need to go they can give all the excuses they want The people voted against them and they were ignored. Now its gone as far as the assistant pricipal having the students take off their shoes to look for colors and logos on their socks thats pushing things. These kids are there to learn not to worry about what uniform rule they violated. These teachers go to school to be able to teach our children. Not to have to spend the time worring about the uniforms. but because of the school board and pricipals they are forced to spend less time teaching them, and more time with uniform enforcement. Uniform violation earns you in school suspention, write ups or hours in the office waiting on a parent to bring you something else to wear, Now just how much education time is being wasted?Huh?
It is ridiculous. At first it seemed like a good idea but the administration is taking it too far. Today I saw three cop cars near the mall and was wondering if ralph lauren shirt soemthing happened. As I followed one cop he stopped two boys walking home and had the boys put their hands on the car and from what I observed they were stopped for sagging pants (which I am not a fan of but these boys pants were not distasteful at all). It hurted my hurt to watch this. I think those cops could have been attending to more serious situations, just like administration. WaKE up PeoPle!!!!! These kids do not deserve this.
my daughter goes to school in calcasieu parish and im fed up with these uniform rules. i understand that in private school there are uniforms but in public schools we should have a choice. we are responsible enough parents to dress our children in appropriate clothing instead we are forced to dress our children in clothes that someone else has chosen. this is america!! slowly our rights are being taken away. as much as i disagree with the uniform rule, now they are taken it too a new extreme and ridaculing these kids for every little thing.
Let us teach our childeren to salute their teachers with their arm fully extended and repeat these words, HO HITLER. This will come in handy later in life because our government will have total control over their lives. School uniforms are just the begining. My wife has had to bring my son his belt to school so he would not be crusified. He cannot wear one of the dozen pairs of ankle socks we bought over the summer because you CANT see them!! How stupid is that!! Dont get me started. Have a nice day!
I still think uniforms are a good idea. The children look good going to school, but when they get there the shirt comes out and the pants slide down. Somewhere the control got out of hand. Calcasieu allows any coat to be worn outside. Once in the building, the coat must go in the locker and only a specific color with no logo can be worn. The children are cold in class and that does not promote a comfortable learning environment. Not many stores sell solid blue jackets and those that do shrink, don fit well and look tacky. The specific style of belts and socks do not make since either. Lets get back to the basics.
I have no problems buying the proper uniforms for my daughter. She doesn especially like the style of her skirt but it is the uniform and stylish or not all the girls weat the waist high skits. She goes to Saint Louis and everyone having children in private school simply go the the two or three uniform shops and but the standard uniform for their children school. It seems the public school children and parent are still trying to make a statement with style in the uniform instead of simply following the code. Buy the uniform from a uniform shop and be done with it and quit crying over free education and limitations. Private schools have a much stricter code and no one had problems with dress violations because everyone follows the rules!
As a teacher in Allen Parish, we don have that many problems with dress code violations. Our biggest problem is students untucking shirts  this is done on purpose. I have watched them untuck them on purpose. But we have a bigger problem with body piercing, and boys facial hair. I remember the days before uniforms. We were constantly sending students home for pajama pants, tshirts inappropriate for school, baggy pants, Spaghetti straps and you name it. Did parents even look at their children before leaving home? Now as a teacher that teaches at a school that serves Middle school and High school, it is nice to know which students belong where. And yes our students are allowed to wear jeans on thursday if they have no tardys and on Fridays if they have no dress code violations. Our tardys and Dress code violations have dropped tremendously. They like the reward.
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