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Astrological correlates of the Great Invocation
Astrological Correlatesof theGreat InvocationBy Jose BecerraThe Great Invocation ("third stanza") wasrevealed during the three spiritual Festivals of1945. Uranus was in Gemini (Mutable Cross),Pluto in Leo (Fixed Cross) and Neptune inLibra (Cardinal Cross). Furthermore, onEaster these three planets were aligned in asignificant triangular formation as seen fromthe earth: Uranus at Gemini 10 degrees,Neptune at Libra 5 degrees, and Pluto (in theirmidpoint) at Leo 8 degrees. It is noteworthythat the representative of the waning Ray 6was in retrograde motion while the other twoconsistently moved forward throughout thisperiod. (See table 1 on last page)The three full moons associated with thespiritual Festivals of 1945 occurred when theSun was positioned in a range of degreessimilar to that of the three remote planets ineach of the three Crosses. On Easter, the Sunwas at Aries 8 degrees (Cardinal Cross); inWesak the Sun was at Taurus 7 degrees (FixedCross); and in the Christ's Festival, the Sunwas at Gemini 6 degrees. On Easter, the Sun,Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune (conjunct Moon)were separated by approximately 60 (+ 5)degrees each, thus forming two interlacingtriangles in the Heavens. On Wesak, Pluto wasat an almost exact midpoint between the Sunand the Moon (veiling Neptune?), thus formingan isosceles triangle. Lastly, on the Christ'sFull Moon, the Sun (conjunct Uranus), Pluto,Neptune, and the Moon (veiling Vulcan?) wereagain separated by approximately 60 (+ 5)degrees, thus forming another set ofinterlacing triangles. Throughout this periodcovering the three spiritual Festivals, Saturn,the intermediary between the three remoteplanets and the rest of the solar system, wasalways significantly engaged in all of theseconfigurations. Mercury, the Sun's Son, servedas a bridge with the energies of the previousfull moon period. (Table 1, last page)Therefore, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptunewere distinctly linked in triangular formationduring the three spiritual Festivals of 1945 ineach of the Three Crosses. The SunMoonalignments in each of the three FestivalsAstrological Correlates of the Great Invocation Journal of Esoteric Psychology  Volume XIII  No. 1  19992provided a resonant conduit to precipitate onEarth the chemistry of the Light (Uranus),Love (Neptune) and Power (Pluto) formulatedin the Great Invocation. These three planetsprobably served as focal points for theovershadowing influences of the Lord Buddha,Spirit of Peace, and Avatar of Synthesis on theChrist. The transaturnian planets of our solarsystem are probably associated with esotericinfluences beyond the scope of individuals("collective unconscious") and, as aconsequence, are most closely related toHumanity as a whole. According to DaneRudhyar, "The voice of the collective issymbolized by the trinity of remote planets:Uranus [the projective power of theunconscious], Neptune [its dissolving power],and Pluto [its regenerating power]. [Thesethree] symbolize processes that bring theunconscious and the subliminal powers to thethreshold of the consciousness. In addition, the importance oftriangular configurations has also been pointedout, as in the difference between the ethericbodies of sacred (triangular) compared withnonsacred (square) planets. True fusion of separate partsbecoming whole involves sacrifice, the sacrificeof separateness. This may be the majorcontribution of Ray 6, represented by Neptune,to the Aquarian Age: the spirit of selfsacrifice,the sacrifice of the illusorily "retrograding"personality as it becomes progressively infusedwith the soul energy. Then, and only then, istrue peace to be found. The soulinfusedindividual finally recognizes that "in thewaning of that [separate] self I grow and glow,"and his internal war is over. The Great Invocationis such word or sound of power. It is anotherremarkable coincidence that Libra is to "guardthe secret of balance and equilibrium, andfinally to sound the releasing note." Uranus isthe esoteric ruler of Libra and thus theretrograding of Neptune in the sign of Libra isa fitting symbol of peace at the end of thePiscean era and the beginning of the newAquarian (Uranian) Age. Thiswill probably mark the definitive end of thePiscean era. In addition to this imminentrealignment within our solar system, the year2000 will also bring the impact of theShamballa energies on Earth. The Wesak FullAstrological Correlates of the Great Invocation Journal of Esoteric Psychology  Volume XIII  No. 1  19993Moon on May 18, 2000 will bring an unusualalignment of planets in the sign of Taurus(including Saturn at Taurus 21 degrees) whileUranus transits the sign of Aquarius at 21degrees too. Mercury, Saturn, and Uranuscomprise an important esoteric triangle in oursolar system related to energies coming fromthe Pleiades (via Capricorn), Ursa Major (viaLeo), and Sirius (via Pisces), respectively. Theunique planetary alignment of May 2000 takesheightened significance as we consider thesesystemic facts. We are told, "God is the ONEwho can withdraw and, in withdrawing, dispel,dissipate, and devitalize all [that is, illusion,glamour and maya] that has been created. Inthese three activities of that Reality which isnot identified with appearance, the will of God,the Destroyer aspect of Deity, is beneficentlypresent. The act of abstraction produces thedispelling of the illusory world of thought; thewithdrawal of the divine attention dissipatesthe sentient universe and brings glamour to anend; the cessation of divine direction bringsdeath to the physical world. All these activitiesare evidences of the will or of the first aspectthe will to good which can and will function inperfection only when goodwill is finally andfully developed on Earth, through the agencyof humanity." (Glamour: A World Problem,Alice Bailey, 244) In these words may besummarized the forthcoming effect of thedefinitive withdrawing of the Piscean Age andthe firm and definitive establishment of theenergies released in the Spring of 1945. Becerra is a middleage physicianresearcherwho for two decades has studied andpracticed the scientific methods of orthodoxscience and Djwhal Khul's esotericism, as bothmethods require OBSERVATlON to discernCAUSAL relationships. His esoteric writingscan be accessed at The Hermetic Observatorywebsite. 1  19994Cross Cardinal Fixed MutableSigns Aries Cancer Taurus Leo Gemini VirgoLibra Capricorn Scorpio Aquarius Sagittarius PiscesUranus Gemini[degrees transited] [10 to 13]Pluto Leo[degrees transited] [8 to 8]Neptune Libra[degrees transited] [5 to 4]Sun Aries 8 Taurus 7 Gemini 6Mercury Aries 25 (Easter) Taurus 14(at full moon) Aries 16 (Wesak) (Christ's)Saturn Cancer[degrees transited] [4 to 9]
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