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SAN JOSE, CA   December 13, 2012   Drobo, maker of award winning data storage products for businesses and professionals, today announced the Drobo 5N, the latest in their new lineup of ultra modern, high performance storage systems. The Drobo 5N, a sophisticated, network attached storage (NAS) device, extends Drobo's traditional ease of use with increased performance and data protection enhancements for personal and professional users who want a fast, easy, and ultra reliable file sharing and backup experience over the network. Like the recently introduced Drobo Mini and Drobo 5D, the new Drobo 5N features Drobo's patented BeyondRAID and Data Aware Tiering technologies, to deliver capacity, performance, and data protection that have traditionally new era caps been reserved for more expensive, enterprise grade storage. "I've said it a number of times in public forums   the new Drobo products are automated, fast, affordable, and artfully meld both hard drive and SSD technology to deliver a great capacity/performance value proposition. Drobo has once again advanced the state of the art in storage."
This is a book not about the decline of America but rather about the rise of everyone else. It is about the great transformation taking place around the world, a transformation that, though often discussed, remains poorly understood. This is natural. Changes, even sea changes, take place gradually. Though we talk about a new era, the world seems to be one with which we are familiar. But in fact, it is very different.
The Supreme Court has refused to make sex a suspect classification, but it did not impose the rational basis test on matters involving sex discrimination. Instead, the Court developed the intermediate or heightened scrutiny test. As articulated in Craig v. 190, 97 S. Ct. 451, 50 L. Ed. 2d 397 (1976), "classifications by gender must serve important governmental objectives and must be substantially related to achievement of those objectives." Thus, intermediate scrutiny lies between strict scrutiny and rational basis.
I can't tell you how satisfying it is to have someone being as creative as Level with their menu AND being able to put me in touch with the people who grew it if I wanted. There may be some quibbles I have but to have a space like that with a menu like that means that there can be more than just a crab cake and a steak on a menu here to get people in the door.
Other projects such as the LRT, for which McCallion has lobbied Queen Park doggedly for years, could fizzle without an effective champion behind them. She has repeatedly railed against the neglect of the 905, as Toronto has received the lion share of political attention, despite the massive growth around it. She routinely points out that the rapidly expanding 905, already with a million more people than new era shop the 416, is where the focus of regional growth needs to be.
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